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Frequently Asked Questions


There are two different sizes of arm supports, what are the differences, do customers purchase both?
The large arm supports are only used for patients with big arms. In the standard system only small arm supports are provided. Nevertheless large arm supports are available on request.

What is the MCT Wedge for?
The MCT Wedge is designed to make breast treatments with the WingSTEP more convenient because the patients lie on an angular layer.

Is the MCT wedge radio-translucent?
It is radio-translucent, because it is made of foam, covered with artificial leather.

Are the WingSTEP Low and High Systems compatible?
Yes, the arm and wrist supports are interchangeable, also the pillow.

When is the Pillow High necessary?
The Pillow High could be necessary for patients with a short or less flexible neck.

Each System WingSTEP comes with PU covers, when would an additional set be necessary?

New covers are necessary when they are used up.

What are the benefits of the WingSTEP compared to the BreastSTEP?
The WingSTEP can be used for all treatments in the upper part of the body area (lung, liver, mediastinum, oesophagus,....) and of course for breast treatments. The breast must be treated in a flat position with no angles and there is only one wedge that can be added (MCT Wedge available). The BreastSTEP is especially designed for breast treatments. It allows 4 different upper heights, 18 arm and 8 wrist support options. 

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