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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Elevation Block for?
The Elevation block is a distance cushion for the KneeSTEP. It attaches to the indexing pins on the baseplate, and the KneeSTEP fits to the elevation block. It will be used when more height support is required.

How can the ProSTEP be indexed?
The ProSTEP can be indexed by adjusting the KneeSTEP cushion or the FeetSTEP which is attached to the sliding bed.
The KneeSTEP can be indexed in 3 different positions, marked from A to C.
The sliding bed can be indexed in 17 longitudinal positions, marked from A to Q, and 10 angular positions, marked from 1 to 10.

What is the difference between ProSTEP ABS and the ProSTEP Carbon?
The ProSTEP Carbon is made of carbon fibre and therefore radio-translucent. The ProSTEP ABS is made of hard plastic and therefore more robust.

Can the KneeSTEP or the FeetSTEP be ordered independently? If so, what would be the disadvantages of not having a complete ProSTEP system?
Basically it’s possible to order the KneeSTEP or the FeetSTEP independently. The KneeSTEP and the FeetSTEP can be used as indexable support cushions.
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