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The conventional patient positioning marking with the usual markers has reached its limitations in view of the increased application of high precision techniques in radiation therapy. The logical consequence was the development of non-invasive alternatives. MarkerSTEP patient markers provide a precise marking of the patient with accurate marker lines which do not fade or stain. Because of the long lasting marks they do not have to be applied again for each treatment – this saves time and money. All the products are made out of breathable, fully elastic material which has been tested for skin irritations and are popular because of their easy handling. The patient can tend to their personal hygiene and shower week. Moisture can easily ooze off through the foil.


•   Accurate determination of the aimed volume through a bigger radiopaque imaging area
•   Precise reference points on the CT, no artifacts
•   Enormous time saving compared to the conventional marking methods
•   No leakage or staining even in case of body contact over a longer period of time
•   Moisture can ooze off through the foil
•   Extremely thin, fully elastic foil with mesh press cuts 

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