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The HeadSTEP equiped with the unique iFRAME is one of the most precise head immobilization systems on the market. The easy handling and excellent robustness as well as quality guarantee the most accurate and facile repositioning in routine cranial as well as head, neck and shoulder immobilization. The HeadSTEP system is designed to include the iCAST thermoplastic material and the disposable iFRAME. The iFRAME allows easy molding and symmetrical pulldown by one therapist. The joint of the wing-shaped iFRAME is one of the great advantages of the system, combining the total coverage of the anterior, lateral and superior head regions with the iFRAME locked in the shaped channels, minimizing the rotation of the head in all three axes. The low-temperature iCAST thermoplastic is available in a variety of perforation patterns. Its rigidity and resistance to shrinkage and easy molding quality is outstanding. The HeadSTEP system uses a 23-step elevation mechanism, which permits immobilization at variable head angles without the use of wedges. It can be used on all commercially available couches and is also indexable for enhanced reproducibility.


•   Symmetrical pull-down
•   Quick and easy molding – done by one person
•   Variable head angles without any wedges
•   iFRAME – wing profile frame with a joint
•   Minimizes rotation of the head in all three axes
•   Optimizes repositioning accuracy for fractionated treatments
•   Saves time and simplifies radiation therapy procedures
•   Integrated indexing system

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