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Fraxion Setup Cranial
The Fraxion Setup Cranial is used for the most precise head fixation and repositioning. It is especially designed for the requirements high precision radiation, including treatment of orbital and paranasal sinuses.

ART.-NR. P10106-100
Fraxion Frame
ART.-NR. P10106-101 Fraxion Frontpiece
ART.-NR. P10106-102
Fraxion Patient Control Unit
ART.-NR. P10106-104
Fraxion CT Adapter
ART.-NR. P10106-103
Fraxion Stereotactic Frame (Localizer/Target Positioner)
ART.-NR. P10106-200
Marking Sheets (5 units)
ART.-NR. P10106-123
Linac Tabletop Adapter iBeam evo (2 Degree of Freedom)
ART.-NR. P10106-210
Vacuum Cushion S
ART.-NR. P10106-211
Vacuum Cushion M
ART.-NR. P10106-320
Fraxion Mouthpiece Small (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-321
Fraxion Mouthpiece Medium (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-322
Fraxion Mouthpiece Large (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-310
Dental Impression Materia
ART.-NR. P10106-311
Saliva Stop (20 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-312
DIM Adhesive
ART.-NR. P10106-313
Mixer and Dispenser
ART.-NR. P10106-400
Storage Box (5 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-105
Fraxion Torque Wrench
ART.-NR. P10106-300
Thermoplastic Mask Head (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-301
Thermoplastic Mask Nose (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-401
Isocenter Alignment Tool
ART.-NR. P10106-403
Fraxion Repositioning Check Tool
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