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Fraxion Mouthpiece
The Fraxion Mouthpiece KIT includes different sizes of mouthpieces. The mouthpiece is fixed to the patient´s maxilla with negative pressure.
ART.-NR. P10106-320
Fraxion Mouthpiece Small (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-321
Fraxion Mouthpiece Medium (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-322
Fraxion Mouthpiece Medium (10 pcs)
Fraxion Vacuum Cushion
The Fraxion Vacuum Cushions are formed to the patients head and enable a better repositioning accuracy. Each cushion is molded individually.
ART.-NR. P10106-210
Vacuum Cushion S
ART.-NR. P10106-211
Vacuum Cushion M
Fraxion Dental Impression Material (DIM)
The Fraxion Dental Impression Material (DIM) contains four tubes of dental impression material for molding the mouthpiece impressions.
ART.-NR. P10106-310
Dental Impression Material
Fraxion DIM Adhesive
The Fraxion DIM Adhesive cements the dental impression material to the mouthpiece.
ART.-NR. P10106-312
DIM Adhesive
Fraxion Saliva Stop Tubes
The Fraxion Saliva Stop is a patient specific component which connects the mouthpiece to the Patient Control Unit. It prevents saliva from reaching the Patient Control Unit.
ART.-NR. P10106-311
Saliva Stop (20 pcs)
Fraxion Storage Box
The Fraxion Storage Boxes are available for all patient specific components: Vacuum cushion, Frontpiece with mouthpiece, Thermoplastic mask, Saliva Stop, marking sheets and protocols.
ART.-NR. P10106-400
Storage Box (5 pcs)
Fraxion Thermoplastic Mask
The Fraxion Thermoplastic Masks provide a large number of immobilization points over the patient´s head. The thermoplastic masks are available in nose and head design.
ART.-NR. P10106-300
Thermoplastic Mask Head (10 pcs)
ART.-NR. P10106-301
Thermoplastic Mask Nose (10 pcs)
Fraxion Marking Sheets
The Fraxion Marking Sheets are used together with the Fraxion Stereotactic Frame to locate the treatment target in the coordinate system and position the patient.
ART.-NR. P10106-200
Marking Sheets (5 units)
Fraxion Screw Set for Connecting Plate
The Fraxion Screw Set contains 3 replacement screws for the Connecting Plate.
ART.-NR. P10106-1070
Fraxion Frontpiece Screws
Fraxion Screw Set
The Fraxion Screw Set contains 6 replacement screws for the base plate.
ART.-NR. P10106-1069
Fraxion Screw Set
Fraxion Vacuum Pump Filter
Bacteria filter for the Fraxion Pump.
ART.-NR. P10106-1081
Fraxion PCU Bacteria Filter
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