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Fraxion Frame
The Fraxion Frame is the main component of the system and provides the interface to the Linac. It consists of a U-shaped base and a thin head support for the vacuum cushion.

ART.-NR. P10106-114
Fraxion Frame
Fraxion Connecting Plate – Frontpiece
The Fraxion Connecting Plate is attached to the Fraxion Frame for the patient setup with the mouthpiece.
ART.-NR. P10106-101
Fraxion Frontpiece
Fraxion Vacuum Pump – Patient Control Unit
The Fraxion Vacuum Pump provides the necessary vacuum for securing the mouthpiece to the patient´s maxilla. It monitors the vacuum level and provides an alert when the mouthpice becomes loose.
ART.-NR. P10106-102
Fraxion Patient Control Unit
Fraxion Stereotactic Frame
The Fraxion Stereotactic Frame is for target localization in stereotactic radiaton therapy and radiosurgery.
ART.-NR. P10106-103
Fraxion Stereotactic Frame
Fraxion CT Adapter
The Fraxion CT Adapter enables the fixation and use of the Fraxion Base Plate on indexed tables.
ART.-NR. P10106-104
Fraxion CT Adapter
Fraxion Torque Wrench
The Fraxion Torque Wrench is needed to tighten all screws with the appropriate torque of 2Nm.
ART.-NR. P10106-105
Fraxion Torque Wrench
Fraxion Table Adapter with 2 Degrees of Freedom
The Adapter enables an adjustment of the isocenter with +/- 2° in the superior-inferior direction and +/- 1° in the right-left direction.
ART.-NR. P10106-120
Linac Tabletop Adapter Varian (2 DoF)
ART.-NR. P10106-121
Linac Tabletop Adapter Elekta CA rm (2DoF)
ART.-NR. P10106-123
Linac Tabletop Adapter iBeam evo (2 DoF)
Fraxion Table Adapter
The Fraxion Table Adapter enables a fixed attachement of the Fraxion frame to the Linac table.
ART.-NR. P10106-130
Linac Tabletop Adapter Varian
ART.-NR. P10106-132
Linac Tabletop Adapter iBeam evo
Fraxion Mixer and Dispenser
The Fraxion Mixer and Dispenser enables easy filling of the mouthpiece with dental impression material.
ART.-NR. P10106-313
Mixer and Dispenser
Fraxion Headrest
The Fraxion Headrest consists of Carbon and is the base for the vacuum cushion. It also provides treatment from Leksell Gamma Knife PerfexionTM to Linac.
ART.-NR. P10106-402
Fraxion Headrest
Isocenter Alignment Tool
The Isocenter Alignment Tool is required for performing QA on the Fraxion Frame and Stereotactic Frame, for both imaging and treatment.
ART.-NR. P10106-401
Isocenter Alignment Tool
Fraxion Repositioning Check Tool
The Fraxion Repositioning Check Tool (RCT) is used to ensure that the patient is repeatedly positioned identically throughout the imaging and treatment series.
ART.-NR. P10106-403
Fraxion Repositioning Check Tool



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