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The BreastSTEP enables easy positioning, precise repositioning and high comfort of the patient during breast and thorax treatment. With its excellent robustness and quality, this patient friendly and non-invasive immobilization system is a novel device, designed to improve the accuracy of radiation therapy for supine techniques. The new system allows comfortable positioning of the arms above the head and natural movement of the upper and lower arm.

The BreastSTEP consists of a base plate and a upper plate made of a low density foam core, covered with thin layers of carbon fiber which allows the beam to pass through the BreastSTEP from any angle with minimal attenuation. Further components for the BreastSTEP are the indexed aperture for placing head supports, the bottom slide and the adjustable height arm and wrist support, which allows a very facile customized patient positioning.

The BreastSTEP can be positioned at 4 different upper heights, 18 upper arm and 8 lower arm options, which comfortably positions and supports the arms above the head. The BreastSTEP can be used on all brands of couches available on the market, in diagnostic and radiotherapy environment.


•   Easy positioning and precise repositioning
•   Reproducible, flexible arm and wrist support
•   Minimizes patient movements of arms and wrists
•   High comfort in breast and thorax positioning
•   Easy handling and high quality
•   Maximum stability and durability
•   Integrated indexing system
•   4 different upper plate heights in 5° steps
•   Arm support height adjustment with 3 numbered positions
•   Arm support rotatable in 6 numbered positions (15° steps)
•   Wrist support height adjustment with 2 different positions
•   Wrist support with 4 numbered positions in 30° steps
•   Compatible with all brands of couchtops
•   RFID ready

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