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Frequently Asked Questions


How many upper heights are possible?

There are four different upper heights possible, reaching from 5° to 20°.

How man different positions of the arm supports are possible?

The reproducible arm supports are easily rotated in 6 numbered positions and have a height adjustment with 3 numbered positions. In summary 18 different positions are adjustable.

How man different positions of the wrist supports are possible?

The reproducible wrist supports have 4 numbered positions and have a height adjustment with 2 different positions. In summary 8 different positions are adjustable.

What is the Slide Stop for?

The Slide Stop prevents patients from sliding down the board.

What are the advantages of the indexed BreastSTEP compared with the conventional BreastSTEP?

The indexed BreastSTEP is much lighter because the carbon fibre baseplate has no connection to the Slide Stop (also making it much shorter.) Both parts of the indexed BreastSTEP are fixed separately on the table by using indexing bars. If the tables are not indexed, it is possible to use independent indexing clamps.

The conventional model comes in one piece and has no possibility to fix it on the table. The advantage of the conventional BreastSTEP is that it’s moveable with the patient on the board. Both systems have the same unctionality of height, arm and wrist adjustments.

Are the indexed and conventional models compatible?

Yes, the arm and wrist supports can be used on both systems, also the slide stop.

When is the Pillow High necessary?

The Pillow High could be necessary for patients with a short or less flexible neck.

Each System BreastSTEP comes with PU covers, when would an additional set be necessary?

New covers are necessary when they are used up.

What are the benefits of the WingSTEP compared with the BreastSTEP?

The WingSTEP can be used for all treatments in the upper part of the body area (lung, liver, mediastinum, oesophagus,....) and of course for breast treatments. The breast must be treated in a flat position with no angles and there is only one wedge that can be added (MCT Wedge available) The BreastSTEP is especially designed for breast treatments. It allows 4 different upper heights, 18 arm and 8 wrist support options.

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