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Head support cushion for supine positioning with centering disc.
ART.-NR. P10107-240
Pillow A – Standard
ART.-NR. P10107-241
Pillow B - High
Pillows with no sidewalls
Pillows for supine position with centering disc.
ART.-NR. P10107-231
Pillow No Sidewall K
Pillow Round
Head support cushion for lateral positioning with centering disc.
ART.-NR. P10107-453
Pillow Round

Pillow Adapter
The Pillow Adapter enables moving the head rest to the right/left side or cranial/caudal.

ART.-NR. P10107-421
 Pillow Adapter for Left - Right
ART.-NR. P10107-422
 Pillow Adapter for Cranio -Caudal
Slide Stop
The Slide Stop prevents the patient sliding from the BreastSTEP.
ART.-NR. P10107-420
Slide Stop
PU Cover for Arm Support (2 pcs.)
The covers are made of washable, leakproof PU.
ART.-NR. P10107-220
PU Cover for Arm Support (2 pcs.)
ART.-NR. P10107-221
PU Cover for Wrist Support (2 pcs.)
Wall Holder
Wall Holder to store the BreastSTEP.
ART.-NR. P10107-494
Wall holder for BreastSTEP
HeadSTEP Upper Plate for BreastSTEP
The HeadSTEP upper plate for BreastSTEP was designed for the routine immobilization of the head. It is an extension of the BreastSTEP system.
ART.-NR. P10107-468
HeadSTEP Upper Plate for BreastSTEP
BreastSTEP Hand Pole Bar
The BreastSTEP Hand Pole Bar can be gripped by the patient during treatment, offering an extra feeling of security and preventing the patient from slipping when treated in a high angled position.
ART.-NR. P10107-482
BreastSTEP Hand Pole Bar
BreastSTEP Polebridge
The adjustable BreastSTEP Polebridge allows the patient to hold on during the exam and prevents the upper body from slipping.
ART.-NR. P10107-521
BreastSTEP Polebridge
BreastSTEP Polebridge long
An elongated version of the BreastSTEP Polebridge.
ART.-NR. P10107-533
BreastSTEP Polebridge long
BreastSTEP Single Parts
Components of the BreastSTEP System.
ART.-NR. P10107-423
BreastSTEP Upper Plate Carbon
ART.-NR. P10107-434
BreastSTEP Base Plate Indexed Short
ART.-NR. P10107-425
BreastSTEP Base Plate Indexed Long
ART.-NR. P10107-426
BreastSTEP Height Adjustment
ART.-NR. P10107-435
BreastSTEP Height Adjustment High
ART.-NR. P10107-436
BreastSTEP Basic Module Short
ART.-NR. P10107-437
BreastSTEP Basic Module Long
ART.-NR. P10107-479
BreastSTEP Arm Support (1 pc)
ART.-NR. P10107-480
BreastSTEP Wrsit Support (1 pc)
BreastSTEP Comfort Module
The Comfort Module serves for more comfortable positioning of the upper body with BreastSTEP Indexed Short and Long Systems.
ART.-NR. P10107-489
BreastSTEP Comfort Modul short
ART.-NR. P10107-492
BreastSTEP Comfort Modul long
BreastSTEP Mask
BreastSTEP mask material for System BreastSTEP Indexed Short Mask und Indexed Long Mask.
ART.-NR. P10107-483
BreastSTEP Mask 3,2mm
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