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Position the BodyFIX BlueBAG vacuum cushion on the imaging or treatment table by using the indexing bars (prerequisite is the BodyFIX 14 indexing system). Create the first vacuum so the patient does not sink in.

Position the patient on the BodyFIX BlueBAG cushion.


Position the manifold tube between the patient´s legs to provide optimal distribution of the air flow. Then place the manifold cushion over patient´s lower abdomen to guarantee optimal vacuum distribution.

Cover the patient with the cover sheet. Make sure it is accurately attached with the adhesive tape. Switch on the BodyFIX Vacuum Pump connected to the manifold tube. Generate a vacuum to ensure that the BlueBAG nestles to the patient´s body.
Position the arc of the diaphragm control and the appropriate plate over the cranial part of the abdomen (above the cover sheet), below the ribs.
When the cushion fits perfectly, activate the pump until a vacuum of appr. 650 mbar is reached. Close the white clamp and close off the BlueBAG tube with the black plug.
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