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Motion is a major cause of artefacts and errors in modern imaging and high-precision therapy. BodyFIX enables accurate, precise patient positioning and immobilization, providing a foundation for successful imaging and treatment in radiation therapy. The patented BodyFIX dual vacuum technology maximizes repositioning accuracy and intra-treatment patient stability by reducing both involuntary and voluntary patient movement. Manufactured entirely from radiotranslucent materials, BodyFIX provides artefact-free image clarity with minimal beam attenuation. The unique cover sheet nestles around the patient and produces a uniform pressure, securely immobilizing the patient´s body parts. The BodyFIX BlueBAG vacuum cushions enable comfortable and reproducible patient positioning from imaging through the entire treatment process. The BodyFIX BlueBAG creates a comfortable, stable and precise mold of the patient´s position for up to six weeks. They can be used for different clinical set-ups and indications such as thorax, hip or total body.


•   Non-invasive and accurate reproducible patient positioning
•   Patented dual vacuum technology provides maximum intra-treatment patient stability
•   The unique cover sheet securely immobilizes the patient´s body parts
•   Simple, flexible and comfortable immobilization solution
•   Integrated indexing
•   Modular construction, adaptable to most clinical environments from diagnostic imaging to treatment
•   Compatible with CT, MRI (used with fiberglass base plate), PET/CT, SPECT and ultrasound imaging modalities as well as various tabletops
•   Reproducible and consistent results for high confidence in treatment
•   Intra- and inter-fractional motion reduction
•   Vendor neutral, able to index to any treatment couch
•   RFID ready

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