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BodyFIX Vacuum Pump P3
The BodyFIX Vacuum Pump P3 is a high performance pump that controls the patented dual-vacuum technology, used for precise patient positioning and immobilization.

ART.-NR. P10102-150

BodyFIX Vakuum Pumpe P3 230V

BodyFIX Tube P3 (5 metres)
The BodyFIX Tube P3 connects the Vacuum Pump P3 with the Vacuum Manifold.

ART.-NR. P10102-122

BodyFIX Tube P3 (length 5 m)

BodyFIX 14 Base Plate Stereotactic
The BodyFIX 14 Base Plate Stereotactic is a carbon resp. glasfiber plate, specially designed for using BodyFIX stereotactic on non-indexed couchtops.

ART.-NR. P10102-112

BodyFIX 14 Base Plate Stereotactic Standard

ART.-NR. P10102-113

BodyFIX 14 Base Plate Stereotactic MRI

BodyFIX 14 CT Localizer
The BodyFIX 14 Localizer enables precise localization of the tumor isocenter. The x-, y- and z-isocenter coordinates can easily be determined with the rods of the localizer.

ART.-NR. P10102-114

BodyFIX 14 Localizer

BodyFIX 14 Target Positioner
The BodyFIX 14 Target Positioner enables the exact targeting of the tumor isocenter on the linac identified with the localizer on the CT.

ART.-NR. P10102-115

BodyFIX 14 Target Positioner

WingSTEP Elevation Block ABS
The WingSTEP Elevation Block to raise the WingSTEP includes an integrated indexing system and is made out of duroplastics.

ART.-NR. P10107-452

WingSTEP Elevation Block ABS



BodyFIX Diaphragm Control
The BodyFIX Diaphram Control is used to immobilize the abdomen for image guided extra-cranial stereotaxis.

ART.-NR. P10102-119

BodyFIX Diaphragm Control



Diaphragm Control Adapter for indexed tables
The Diaphragm Control Adapter is used to attach the BodyFIX Diaphragm Control to indexed tables.

ART.-NR. P10107-469

Diaphragm Control Adapter for indexed tables

BodyFIX BlueBAG Tube P3
The BodyFIX BlueBAG Tube P3 connects the Vacuum Pump with the vacuum cushion.

ART.-NR. P10104-024

BodyFIX BlueBAG Tube P3

BodyFIX Manifold Tube
Together with the Manifold Cushion the BodyFIX Manifold Tube establishes a permanent and equal vacuum over the patient.

ART.-NR. P10102-210

BodyFIX Manifold Tube 1000mm

ART.-NR. P10102-212

BodyFIX Manifold Tube 1500mm

ART.-NR. P10102-213

BodyFIX Manifold Tube 2000mm

BodyFIX Manifold Cushion
The BodyFIX Manifold cushion prevents the Cover Sheet from collapsing directly against the vacuum tube by distributing the airflow around the patient.

ART.-NR. P10102-200

BodyFIX Manifold Cushion 600mm

ART.-NR. P10102-201

BodyFIX Manifold Cushion 700mm

ART.-NR. P10102-202

BodyFIX Manifold Cushion 800mm

ART.-NR. P10102-203

BodyFIX Manifold Cushion 900mm

BodyFIX Stabilizing Cushion
The BodyFIX Stabilizing Cushion provides improved stabilization of the patient when setting up the vacuum.

ART.-NR. P10102-216

BodyFIX Stabilizing Cushion 800x600mm

ART.-NR. P10102-217

BodyFIX Stabilizing Cushion OP-PORTAL

BodyFIX Indexing Adapter
The BodyFIX Indexing Adapter is used for attaching the BodyFIX base plate to indexed tabletops provided by other manufacturers.

ART.-NR. P10102-413

BodyFIX Indexing Adapter

BodyFIX Independent Indexing Adapter (2 pcs.)
The BodyFIX Independent Indexing Adapter enables the attachment of the BodyFIX base plate directly to non-indexed couches.

ART.-NR. P10102-408

BodyFIX Independent Indexing LINAC Couch Adapter (Set of 2)

ART.-NR. P10102-409

BodyFIX Independent Indexing CT Couch Adapter (Set of 2)

BodyFIX 14 Localizer Fiducial Set Aluminium
The BodyFIX 14 Localizer features three screens with three special plastic tubes. As an alternative the aluminium contrast tubes allow improved visualization in CT.

ART.-NR. P10102-227

BodyFIX 14 Localizer Fiducial Set Aluminum

Indexing Bar Carbon
The Indexing Bar Carbon is used for indexed fitting and positioning of adequate accessories on indexed tabletops.

ART.-NR. P10107-409

Elekta Indexing Bar 14 Carbon (Set of 2)

ART.-NR. P10107-609

Varian Indexing Bar 14 Carbon (Set of 2)

ART.-NR. P10107-610

Siemens Indexing Bar 14 Carbon (Set of 2)

Indexing Bar Standard
The Indexing Bar Standard is used for indexed fitting and positioning of adequate accessories on indexed tabletops.

ART.-NR. P10105-110

Elekta Indexing Bar 14 Standard (Set of 3)

ART.-NR. P10107-611

Varian Indexing Bar 14 Standard

ART.-NR. P10107-612

Siemens Indexing Bar 14 Standard
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