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BlueBAG Rectangular
The BlueBAG Rectangular vacuum cushions are used for precise and reproducible molds of the patient´s contours.

ART.-NR. P10104-111

BlueBAG Rectangular 250x350mm/2L

ART.-NR. P10104-113

BlueBAG Rectangular 180x280mm/0,9L

ART.-NR. P10104-114

BlueBAG Rectangular 250x500mm/2,25L

ART.-NR. P10104-118

BlueBAG Rectangular 300x350mm/4,5L

ART.-NR. P10104-119

BlueBAG Rectangular 300x500mm/3L

ART.-NR. P10104-122

BlueBAG Rectangular 400x800mm/15L

ART.-NR. P10104-125

BlueBAG Rectangular 500x700mm/15L

ART.-NR. P10104-129

BlueBAG Rectangular 650x700mm/20L

ART.-NR. P10104-130

BlueBAG Rectangular 650x1000mm/30L

ART.-NR. P10104-132

BlueBAG Rectangular 650x1500mm/75L

ART.-NR. P10104-135

BlueBAG Rectangular 700x1000mm/35L

ART.-NR. P10104-137

BlueBAG Rectangular 1000x1000mm/45L

ART.-NR. P10104-139

BlueBAG Rectangular 850x1000mm/30L

ART.-NR. P10104-143

BlueBAG Rectangular 1000x1500mm/80L

ART.-NR. P10104-147

BlueBAG Rectangular 1000x2000mm/120L

ART.-NR. P10104-156

BlueBAG Rectangular 1000x1500mm/30L

ART.-NR. P10104-159

BlueBAG Rectangular 1000x2300mm/80L

ART.-NR. P10104-164

BlueBAG 820x1500/40L

BlueBAG T-Shape
The BlueBAG T-Shape vacuum cushions are used for precise and reproducible molds of the upper body contours.


ART.-NR. P10104-501

BlueBAG T-Shape 650x650mm/7L

ART.-NR. P10104-505

BlueBAG T-Shape 1000x1300mm/50L

ART.-NR. P10104-506

BlueBAG H-Shape 900x1100mm/31L

ART.-NR. P10104-600

BlueBAG T-Shape 1065x1423mm/46L

BlueBAG Pentagon
The BlueBAG Pentagon shaped vacuum cushions are used for precise and reproducible molds of the patient´s upper body contours.

ART.-NR. P10104-500

BlueBAG Pentagon-Shape 1000x1300mm/45L

BodyFIX Vacuum Pump P3
The BodyFIX Vacuum Pump P3 contains 2 independent high-performance pumps.

ART.-NR. P10102-150

BodyFIX Vakuum Pumpe P3 230V

BlueBAG Vacuum Pump
The BlueBAG Vacuum Pump evacuates the air from the BlueBAG Cushions.

ART.-NR. P10104-002

BlueBAG Vacuum Pump 230V

ART.-NR. P10104-003

BlueBAG Vacuum Pump Set

Tube Adapter (5 pcs.)
The Tube Adapter connects the tube of the vacuum pump with the BlueBAG vacuum cushion.

ART.-NR. P10104-004

BlueBAG Tube Adapter (Set of 5)

BlueBAG Clamps (5 pcs.)
The BlueBAG Clamps locks the tube of the vacuum cushion. The enclosed gasket bolt locks the cushion permanently.

ART.-NR. P10104-005

BlueBAG Clamp (Set of 5)
Grip Ring
The Grip Ring increases the patient´s comfort and safety.


ART.-NR. P10102-410

Grip Ring (set of 3)
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