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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one accurately use the BellySTEP?
To guarantee fast and highly precise daily patient positioning during the complete radiation therapy cycle, we advise to draw some additional markers onto the patient’s skin after the planning CT (and/or simulation) in order to very easily define the right patient position for treatment.
There are two different recommendations:
1) Before you use the BellySTEP for the first time, mark a defined position line with assistance of the laser systems, preferably in the area of the patient’s iliac crest. (For example, paste a strip on the right and left side of the BellySTEP and draw the line with a thin water resistant skin marker).
2) In case you do not want to paste a strip on the BellySTEP, draw the marks directly on the patient after the planning CT. Put a mark on the patient’s right and left thigh where the BellySTEP baseplate ends. For this you can again use the thin water resistant skin marker or do a tattoo with small dots (optionally you can put an additional thin plaster on the marks to keep them on the skin for a longer period of time). These additional markers are very important in departments which still have a conventional simulator and/or when the planning CTs are done by another department.

What is the Prone Position Pillow for?
The use of the Prone Position Pillow allows the patient to breathe easier in prone position and makes the positioning more comfortable.

How to use the three different types of Inserts for the baseplate?
All BellySTEP inserts are polyethylene cushions, which fit into the BellySTEP baseplate.
Insert A – Medium is made for people with a normal belly.
Insert B – Large is made for people with a big belly.
Insert C – Small is made for people with a flat belly.

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